We have all your photo day questions covered here! Click on the question to see the answer!


  1. Your website is not working and it keeps going back to the start.

    For security reasons, you have a limited amount of time to complete the online ordering process. Should you not move through the system within a 5 minute window, your session will be cleared and you will be forced to start again. We recommend you utilise the Package Preview page to assist with your decision process as you progress through the steps further on. You may also need to ensure you are using the latest version of your browser. When the website loops, this can also mean you are using an older version of your browser.

  2. The school code or student ID is not working.

    If the school code is not working, please check that you have the correct one as per the information on your envelope/flyer. The field is space-sensitive too, so please make sure you are not leaving any accidental spaces.

    The student ID field is not content-sensitive, rather space-sensitive. Please ensure you are typing the ID directly into the field (i.e. not copying and pasting) and that you are not leaving any accidental spaces.

  3. I cannot see the sibling options.

    If your school is offering sibling photos, the sibling option will appear at the end of the order process, just before you check out. You need to enter the details of all your children and click through to that last page where the sibling products will appear.

  4. My card has declined without a reason given

    When a card declines there is usually a reason; insufficient funds, wrong number entered, wrong expiry date, etc. The reason is normally stipulated. If you are able to get through to the final page of the transaction and the card declines at the end without a reason given, this is usually a communication issue between your card and your bank. We suggest you wait and try again later in the day, or you may need to contact your bank.