We have all your photo day questions covered here! Click on the question to see the answer!


  1. Student ID
    This is the number your child is allocated at the time of enrolment at your school. The student ID is generated by your school's management software.
  2. School Code
    This is the code you need to log in to our website to view the information pertaining to your school's photo days. School codes change every year, so you will not be able to log in using a code from a previous year.
  3. Online Order ID
    This is an 8-digit number to identify your purchase transaction. It can be found in your confirmation email and begins with a "2...." It allows our team to locate your order more efficiently.
  4. Late Order
    This is an order placed after the school's cut-off has passed. A late order is a custom order because it is not processed as part of the main school delivery. It is handled individually and posted to the address of your choice.
  5. Digital Negative
    Also known as a digital image, this is a jpeg file of your child's portrait or sibling photo sent to your email.
  6. Sports/Special Photos
    A group photo that is not a class photo - such as sports, music, leadership and club photos.