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  1. What is Kapture doing about COVID-19?
    For the duration of Covid-19 in WA, please be aware that Kapture are following all recommended health guidelines and safe practices. Our photographers are acutely aware of the evolving situation surrounding Covid-19 and abide by each individual school's Covid-19 policies. Where possible, the photographers will use verbal queues and instructions in an effort to uphold our high standard of student presentation. Students may be instructed by photographers to use single use sterile combs, wet wipes or tissues or to fix their own collars, buttons and stray hairs.
  2. Will my child miss out on having a photo taken if I do not pay on or before photo day?

    Your child will not miss out on having photographs taken as all students are photographed for school administration purposes. You have the remainder of the current year to place an order online. If you place your order more than 10 days following the last school photo date, a $30 custom service charge will be added to your order which includes postage to your home address.

  3. I have misplaced my order envelope/flyer containing the online school code and / or student ID.
    Please contact your school office if you have misplaced your envelope or flyer containing your School Code and Student ID. Please note, only the school office can distribute these codes to ensure your child's security and the security of their images.
  4. Can I preview my child's portrait and/or group photo before ordering?
    Kapture does not provide a preview service of your child's current portrait or class images. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 100% money back guarantee (excluding digital images).
  5. How do I view and purchase sports or special group photos taken at my school?
    If your school had photos taken such as sport or music groups, they will be made available to view and purchase on our website after the school has completed the proofing process (up to 4 weeks after photography). The school will be advised to alert parents when photos are ready for viewing - so keep an eye on your newsletters!
  6. I have missed the closing time for ordering a sibling photo.
    We work closely with the schools to ensure as many families can be accommodated as possible within the time frame available, however there is a physical limit in the school schedule to how many sibling photos can be taken. Once the maximum capacity of sibling orders has been reached and / or the sibling closing time has passed, no more sibling orders can be placed and the option is removed from the website. We are unable to squeeze in any more at this point, so please do not ask as refusal may offend. You are very welcome to attend our studio in Malaga for the same service. Click here to request a studio appointment.
  7. When are sibling photos taken?

    Siblings are generally photographed either before school, and/or during recess and lunch breaks across all photo days to alleviate disruption to the student lessons. Check the instructions for your school when you log on at www.kapture.com.au with your school code.

  8. Can I bring my high school/preschool aged child to be photographed in a sibling photo at the primary school?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests to photograph siblings enrolled at a different school, or siblings who are not of school age.
  9. Do I need to return the envelope/flyer with my child on photo day if I am ordering online?

    No you do not need to submit the envelope/flyer if you have placed your order online, unless your school gives you specific instructions otherwise.

  10. Can I change my child's name from what is printed on their order form?
    Kapture is legally required to use the student information that is provided by the school. If a name change is required please liaise directly with your school administration / class teacher who can then authorise Kapture to make the required change.
  11. I would like to change or cancel my order

    Kapture strongly urges you to please choose carefully and only place your order when you are confident of your choice. Once an order has been placed, it cannot be changed. However your order can be cancelled and a full refund will be issued. 

  12. I do not wish my child(ren) to be photographed

    If you do not wish for your children to be photographed, you must inform the school office. The children should not be presented to the photographers on photo day if they are not to be photographed.

  13. I would like my order mailed to my home address.
    If your order cannot be sent to the school for distribution through the classroom teacher, you will need to place an order through our 'late order' system which allows you to specify a delivery address. A late order can be placed online 10 days after the final photo day. Please note late orders incur a $30 custom service charge which includes the postage of your order.
  14. I am a separated/divorced parent, can both my ex and I place orders for the same child(ren)?

    Yes you can both place an order for the same child(ren). Orders placed before the closing date (10 days after photo day) are delivered to the school for distribution by the classroom teachers. If both parents placed an order, each parent's order will be separately identified to alert the teacher. We recommend you also communicate with your classroom teacher to ensure you receive your order directly.

  15. Do you offer family discounts?

    Families ordering for four or more children will automatically receive a 50% discount at the checkout on their fourth and subsequent children's package order. (Sibling photography packages are not included in the family discount system).