We have all your photo day questions covered here! Click on the question to see the answer!


  1. I would like to cancel or change my order
    Kapture Photography strongly urges you to please choose carefully and only place your order when you are confident of your choice. Once an order has been placed, it cannot be changed. Depending on the stage of production, you may be able to cancel your order and be issued a refund.
  2. My child was absent on photo day and I require a refund.
    If your child was absent on photo day, please complete the relevant query form on our Contact Us page and our administration staff will arrange the necessary refund.
  3. I am not happy with my child(ren)'s image

    Our photographers take several images on the day. Please complete the relevant query form on our Contact Us page within 2 months of receipt of your photo order. We may be able to offer you an alternative image, offer you a studio retake at our Malaga office, or you can return your unwanted package for a refund.

  4. My order has not been received or is incorrect.
    Please complete the relevant query form via our website's Contact Us page as this will give us all the information required to check your order. You have 2 months from the school photo delivery date to query your order. Queries received after this period will incur a $20 search fee.

  5. How do I view and purchase sports or special group photos taken at my school?
    If your school had photos taken such as sport or music groups, they will be made available to view and purchase on our website after the school has completed the proofing process (up to 4 weeks after photography). The school will be advised to alert parents when photos are ready for viewing - so keep an eye on your newsletters!
  6. When will I receive my photos?
    Check your confirmation email for the expected delivery times of your order. This information may also be helpful;
    • If you placed your order within the main school delivery time frame (up to 10 days after photo day), your order will be sent to the school.
    • If you placed your order more than 10 days after photo day, you would have paid an additional custom service charge, which includes delivery to your home address. These orders will be received up to 28 days AFTER the main school delivery.
    • If you have waited longer than 28 days AFTER the main school delivery, please complete the form below.
    • Sports / special or event photography orders will be received 28 days after placing your order.
  7. How and when will I receive the digital image that I ordered?

    Your digital image will be sent to the email address you provided at time of ordering. These are normally scheduled to be emailed within the week of the main school delivery. Please make sure to also check any junk/spam/promotions/social folders you may have.

  8. I have a missing or damaged product

    If there is a product which is missing or damaged in your order, please complete the relevant query form on our Contact Us page. Kapture maintains accurate dispatch records and will be able to determine if a credit or replacement is due to you. If an item is damaged due to circumstances out of our control, you will need to reorder your photos online using the same school code and student ID.

  9. How do I place an order after photo day?
    You have the remainder of the current year to place an order online. If you place your order more than 10 days following the last school photo date, a $30 custom service charge will be added to your order which includes postage to your home address.
  10. Can I preview my child's portrait and/or group photo before ordering?
    Kapture does not provide a preview service of your child's current portrait or class images. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 100% money back guarantee (excluding digital images). Only last year's sports/special group photos can be viewed online via our Sports and Event Photos section of the website.
  11. I have lost my photos! Can I get replacements?

    If you have lost your photos, you will need to reorder them online using your school code and student ID.

  12. What is your refund policy?

    Kapture Photography offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your photographs simply return them to the Kapture mailing address within 2 months of receipt and you will receive a full refund. Unwanted photographs and packaging are required to be returned in full before a refund can be processed. Refunds are not available on the purchase of high resolution digital portrait files.

  13. What is your statute of limitations?

    Our customers have to up 2 months to query a missing order without incurring any additional fees.