About Us

Excellence in School Photography

Kapture Photography is owned and operated by Kim Harrison and Laura Ferguson in Malaga, Western Australia. With years of industry experience behind them, Kim and Laura joined forces in 2008 to build what is now one of Western Australia’s most innovative and highly respected school photography businesses. Kapture’s reputation and substantial growth over the last ten years can be attributed to the recruitment of the most talented and long serving local industry professionals - along with new team members who bring their fresh ideas and mastery of the latest equipment, software and graphic design techniques to the business.

Our photographers are renowned for their professionalism and civility at schools – read what our schools are saying!

At Kapture, we love what we do and we take pride in offering stunning and original school photo packages with a multitude of group and portrait styles to choose from.

Our talented production and administration teams ensure prompt delivery of the highest quality products designed specifically for your school.

Our onsite printing lab allows us to have strict in-house quality control processes, all completed under our one roof.

With new proofing techniques, our turnaround times are at an all-time low!

We like to think of our company as one big happy family - a group of individuals who come together each day as one team to produce the finest boutique style products and services available.

Together we;

  • strive for excellence and quality
  • demonstrate unity, teamwork and positivity
  • encourage creativity, innovation and flair
  • embrace progressive change
  • face challenge with flexibility and resilience